Monday, April 16, 2007

But for 1.5 ounces, the kingdom was lost

I flew from San Francisco to Los Angeles yesterday, and apparently hair gel is a deadly terrorist weapon.  I know this is old news, and I should just get used to it, but the restriction is kind of dumb - apparently 3.5 oz is ok, anything over is verboten.  So my hair gel comes in a 5 oz container, which makes it way too dangerous.  Never mind that the container was half empty.  I even offered to just empty half of the remaining gel right there on the spot - that way it would have to be under the limit.  But no, I was told, they have to go by the volume printed on the container, regardless of anything else.  So I guess next time I fly, I'll carefully scratch off all of the capacities on the containers and hand-write in "3.4 oz."  Doing my part to make the country safe.

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