Thursday, April 19, 2007

What's up with Gonzales?

Today is the first day since Monday that the lead story when I turned on the radio wasn't about the tragedy at Virgina Tech. Instead, our nation's Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales, was trying to explain how he was both responsible for the attorney firing scandal and yet not to blame. Can you have it both ways? Mostly I was alarmed about how much information Gonzales "couldn't recall." Now I am a true believer that the nature of memory has changed in conjunction with our overprogrammed lives and technology that takes care of most mundane tasks. (I can't remember my best friend's phone number, for example.) However, it's beginning to seem like Gonzales is senile or something. I'm not sure that Gonzales is making a good case for himself by not recalling the intent of most of his public statements and/or actions taken over the past six months.

Edit: According to the LA Times on April 20, Gonzales claimed to be "unable to recall" over 50 times! Prevarication or early onset alzheimer's...?

Also, Talkingpointsmemo deserves props for breaking this story. It's too bad that the Pulitzer Board does not recognize exclusively online news coverage. The folks at TPM had the instincts and resources to bring to light a scandal that traditional media outlets missed. It's time to embrace our brave new technological world, people.

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