Thursday, November 29, 2007

Stupid flying

There's a new website called that lets you check out pricing trends for different flying routes to figure out if prices are rising or falling, or when flying will be cheapest. So I'm trying to buy tickets to travel from Detroit to Portland over New Years, and I'm finding it really tough to get cheap tickets. The graph below from farecast explains why:

So apparently, right around Jan 1, all the flights are really expensive before dropping back to their reasonable price of about $320. I understand supply/demand and all that, but I have to say this really sucks. No other type of transportation works this way. Trains, tolls, bus fares, or ferries don't raise their rates around certain times of the year by almost 100%. I would even prefer if they just flattened the prices at a slightly higher rate rather than gouge people who have to fly during specific times. This is yet another reason why airlines sucks and they all deserve to go out of business.