Tuesday, November 13, 2007

TT and the bed

I realize that it is not Friday, the traditional day for catblogging. But while we've been away from the game for so long, the cats have continued to do blogworthy things at their typical pace. Therefore I've decided to start working on the backlog. Hence the unorthodox "Tuesday night" catblogging.
My cat TT (long story about her name, but suffice it to say that the proper spelling is either "TT" or "TD" and the pronunciation is "tee-dee") has decided that with Ms. Boo living in another state temporarily, Mr. Boo shouldn't be sleeping alone. So she has begun the curious habit of working her way under the covers while I'm sleeping and curling up in a ball under the blanket next to my belly in the middle of the night. This morning, I got out of bed without disturbing her, and snapped these pictures. The first demonstrates how clever is her camouflage, that she is completely hidden under the covers.
For the second pic, I lifted the covers and snapped a shot. Apparently she was still sleepy, since after dropping the covers, she fell back asleep and hadn't gotten up when I left for work.

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